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What comes to mind when you think of retirement? Do you contemplate enjoying each day knowing that you don’t have to report to a job? Do you plan on seeing the world? The golden years hold a lot of promise for many people, but you want retirement to be something to look forward to, not dread. See how Stage Wealth Management can help with wealth preservation and protection in the 65 to 75+ age period.

Turning a Strong Financial Future Into the Present

Sometimes viewed as the sunrise stage, stage 5 generally refers to clients who are over the age of 65. Many in this group are nearing or entering retirement. Several have grandchildren to shower with love and affection. What type of financial legacy will you be leaving to your children and their children? You may have had term life insurance products that are close to expiring? As a stage 5 client, your financial approach should account for your current concerns:

  • Quality of life during retirement
  • Rising healthcare costs
  • Life insurance
  • Estate planning, end-of-life documents, and financial legacy
  • Social security
  • Downsizing and simplifying
  • Spending down assets

Whatever your needs or concerns, Stage Wealth Management stands ready to help you with your financial goals during this phase of life’s journey.

Meeting You Where You Are

This next phase in life is waiting for you. Contact us today at 844-782-4396 and let’s discuss your approach to a lovely financial sunrise.

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